Prof. Dr. Jelena Zumbach

Juniorprofessur für Familienrechtspsychologie

Tel: 030/ 54848396
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 15, Raum 3.3

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Research Interests:

  • Child abuse and neglect and it’s consequences on child development and family functioning
  • Emotion regulation and self regulation skills in childhood
  • Forensic-psychological assessment in family law proceedings
  • Assessment of children’s voices in judicial and administrative proceedings consistent with the UNCRC


Selected Publications:

Zumbach, J., Oster, A., Rademacher, A. & Koglin, U. (2020). Behavior observation in child maltreatment risk evaluation: A systematic review on observational coding systems. Journal of Child Custody. Manuscript in revision for publication.

Zumbach, J., Saini, M. & Koglin, U. (2020). Children’s strategies for giving voice to needs consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Family Court Review. Advance online publication.

Rademacher, A., Zumbach, J. & Koglin, U. (2020). Cross-lagged effects of self-regulation skills and behavior problems in the transition from preschool to elementary school. Early Child Development. Advance online publication.

Fahrendholz, L. & Zumbach, J. (2020). Bewertung eines entgegenstehenden Kindeswillens in Umgangsfragestellungen durch Sachverständige. Rechtspsychologie, 6, 36-54.